Smoking With Wood

Smoking With Wood

People always ask the question, "How important to my smoking experience is using wood chips?"  The answer is simple: "Have you ever been camping and tasted ordinary food cooked over an open fire?"  If your answer is "yes" than I don't need to say anything else!

The flavor of wood smoke turns any entree' into a culinary delight.  Whether it is a lowly hamburger or a nice fillet of Atlantic Salmon, the right wood combination will make you a hero every time.  And there is absolutely no way that you can screw it up as long as you use any of these varieties: hickory, apple, cherry, mesquite, beechnut, cedar, pecan, alder, or oak.  These dry varieties are available almost anywhere and in their kiln dried state, wood is wood is wood!

However, if you want to experience a unique smoke flavor, we recommend the pre-soaked flavors of Brandy Apple, Bourbon Black Cherry, Spiced-Rum Hickory, or Honey Whiskey Mesquite!  Even first time smokers or grillers will WOW even the most experienced chef.  Our sponsored BBQ team O' Shanty is setting the bar for bbq competition at a new level.

The little extra effort to touch a few wood chips into your smoker box or smoker will pay huge dividends in "Way to Go's!"

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