What are the best suppliers of cedar grilling planks

What are the best suppliers of cedar grilling planks

Here is a list of some reputable suppliers of cedar grilling planks. Please note that the availability and popularity of suppliers can change over time, so I recommend checking online retailers, local stores, or specialty kitchen and grilling shops for the most up-to-date options. Here are some companies that are known for offering cedar grilling planks:

  1. Wildwood Grilling: Wildwood Grilling is a well-known supplier of various grilling planks, including cedar. They offer a range of sizes and packaging options.

  2. Maine Grilling Products:  Maine Grilling Products is a well known supplier of traditional rectangle cedar planks as well as their proprietary oval planks.  They sell wholesale to restaurants and consumers.

  3. Flame Grilling Products: Flame, one of the largest suppliers to the wholesale BBQ and grilling market is another popular supplier of cedar grilling planks. They offer different sizes and quantities to suit your grilling needs and they sell wholesale to the public.

  4. Napoleon Grills: Napoleon Grills is a company that manufactures a variety of grilling accessories, including cedar planks.

  5. The Grilling Company: This company specializes in grilling accessories and offers cedar grilling planks along with other grilling products.

  6. Fire & Flavor: Fire & Flavor is known for its grilling planks, including cedar, and they often have a presence in major retailers.

  7. Outdoor Gourmet: Outdoor Gourmet is a brand that produces grilling and outdoor cooking products, and they may offer cedar grilling planks.

  8. Local Hardware and Cooking Stores: Many local hardware stores and specialty cooking stores carry grilling planks, including cedar. Check with your local retailers for availability.

  9. Online Marketplaces: Websites like Amazon, eBay, and specialty grilling supply websites often have a wide selection of cedar grilling planks from various brands.

Remember to read reviews and product descriptions to ensure you're getting the quality and quantity you desire. Additionally, consider whether the planks are sustainably sourced, as cedar is a valuable wood, and responsible sourcing is important for the environment.

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