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GrillMat (2 pack) by

GrillMat (2 pack) by

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About Grillight GrillMats

Take your backyard barbecue from grill to griddle with the Grillight Grillmat 2-Pack.  GrillMats turn any grill into a non-stick flat top, just like a nonstick skillet but designed to be flexible and operate over open flame.

These non-stick grill mats prevent food from falling through the grates, while still giving you grill marks. Also perfect for community grills, these mats let you grill without your food ever having to touch the grates. 

The GrillMat is a BPA-free, heat-resistant fabric made of PTFE fiber. Completely reusable and non-stick our grill mats help keep cooking healthy with no oil or butter required. Perfect for cooking fish, veggies, chicken, eggs, and even pancakes.

What You Get

This 2-pack includes two premium BPA-free griddle mats for grilling: one 15" round mat (perfect for grilled pizza and kettle grills) and one 15" square mat (great for gas, pellet, or electric grills).   

Key Features

  • Turns your grill into a griddle.
  • BPA free, heat-resistant fabric made of PTFE fiber.
  • Safe up to 600 degrees F - the highest temperature grill mat on the market.
  • 2-pack comes with 1 square (15"x15") mat and 1 round (15" round) mat.
  • Great for all kinds of food including fish, veggies, chicken, beef, even breakfast foods like eggs and pancakes
  • Works on all kinds of grills, including charcoal, propane, pellet, and wood fired.
  • Stops food from falling through the cracks, so no more flare ups!
  • 100% nonstick grilling and easy cleanup. Don't use foil anymore!
  • Food still gets grill marks.
  • Dishwasher safe and reusable!
Safety note: the mats are heat safe to 600F so they should not contact open flame but can be used over open flame or hot coals.

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