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Hickory Quick Smoke

Hickory Quick Smoke

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Time for a quick grill but don't want to wait for a half hour or so for your smoker box to heat up?  Either do we.  That is why we developed our 10 minute Quick Grill foil grilling wood chip packets.  Toss the packet on the grilling surface with high heat and in 10 minutes or less you have heavy smoke!  They are great for quick grills like burgers, chicken tenders, and steak.  

Our packs are hand produced with grill foil to stand up to your high heat.  No mylar.  No plastics.  There are perforations on both sides of the pouches to insure quick ignition and great smoke release!  Sometimes, quickies are best!

Get SIX Maine Hickory Quick Smokes for only $12.95 with Free Shipping in the USA

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